"Amazing shells. The Chanin Dip makes it super-easy to handle and work with.

I just received one of the first sets of the new Buffalo Shells, and I am speechless - the size, the look, the feel and the quality craftmanship… everything, even smoother: “Real good and professional shells. Congratulations"
SUPER shells, there is really everything ...

(Alexander de Cova)

Last week I received Michael’s new Katharina shells and they are magnificent!

These shells are BIG!
Perfect for the streets and on stage but still workable in most close up settings, providing you’re not working on a tiny surface.

These shells are well balanced and have a nice weight to them which makes them optimal for outdoor use.

The size of this set allows you to project what is usually an intimate or close-up effect to a much bigger audience and really highlights the beauty of the shells.

Hand painted, the Katharinas are absolutely stunning. They look so real and have a really pleasing shape, look and texture to them both inside and out.

The size of these shells does mean that they don’t fit under a standard shot glass but Michael has even found a glass that fits these massive shells like a glove.

There is a very slight Chanin dip which is useful as you’ll want to use a large pea with this set.
Even with a large pea, the Chanin dip of the Katharinas allows for a smooth load and steal action without the tell-tale ‘bump‘.

The grip is exceptional, although the size of the shells may take a little getting used to if you have small hands or are used to working with any of Michael‘s smaller sets.

(Nick Stein - London)



"Just received my Colonia Shells from Michael Stehle.
First the packaging was very neat and tidy, I was a little worried how the shells would travel, but no worries there.
I was not prepared for the professionalism of the product. The peas were beautifully displayed in a small glass vial, complete with cork lid… 4 peas, and they are a masterpiece in themselves. Soft, as expected, but with a beautiful finish that makes them easy to manipulate on the table or in the hand. Lovely to work with.
Then I came to a small cloth bag, printed like a newspaper, and held together by a painted safety pin… the detail Michael has gone to just in the packaging is amazing…. Opening the bag revealed three of the loveliest shells I have seen.
Approximately half the size again of the Street shells, they are just beautiful to work with, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. They have a good no messing about feel about them… very solid state. These are shells for the serious worker. The grip is good, they are very smooth to push around, making the mechanics of the trick virtually self-working.
Mark Mason, Blackpool magic dealer, used to say about some effects, ‘ it’s a self worker, but you’ve got to be there’ That describes these shells so well…. The pea just does its job with no effort. I even played with them on a glass table, and they worked perfectly..
These are exquisite, and I recommend them to serious shell workers everywhere. This should be the standard of all


            Pop Haydn / Los Angeles "I have a set. I think they are spectacular"

                                           "Sau geil !

                       This fooled me"
                                     (Gregory WIlson / USA after seeing the Game Changer)


"Only one word for it. WOW . Michael you are the " Shell Making Man " . So happy I got to know you and your shells"
Kind Regards 3 SHELL GAZ /Brisbane

Kirk Grodske /California J"ust got our next order of the Black Sea Shells. We are making several members of the Magic Castle very happy !
I got my second set in resin. Gotta have back ups you know. :)
Really like the metal shells. The perfect weight. Very stable, work like a dream, easy to hold onto and let go"

"Received the Black Sea Set today from Michael Stehle and I am really pleased with them on a number of counts ,they look really good ... and nicely weighted and beautifully curved on both sides for the side swipe and no drag on a variety of mats or table cloths ... I use a lot of different shells and bottle tops,coke milk etc so as long as i have the peas on me I can perform.

But these are definitely my number one for when working at events.

I didn't expect anything less from Michael as his passion for the shell game knows no boundaries"

Richard T. Smith / UK

"Just received today the Real Silver Shells,
Brilliant, great workmanship,
Absolutely will take pride of place in my collection.
Thank You Michael Stehle"

Peter Atkinson / UK

"juhu habe vor zwei Wochen die Bowler von Michael Stehle erhalten und bin super begeistert. Selten so tolle Requisiten von so einem netten, hilfsbereiten Menschen bekommen.
Je öfter man sie in der Hand hat desto mehr spürt man die Liebe und Leidenschaft welche da hineingeflossen ist.
Vielen lieben Dank für so wunderbare Shellgames."

An Ja

Königswalder Riesen Shell Game Set
"I'm another satisfied customer of Michael's and this is the second set I have purchased from him. As usual the transaction was seamless and to make things even better the postage to Australia was only a week.

I like the larger size and the heavier weight of these shells and have been working with the larger pea that comes with this set. The peas are a lot squishier than the S4S peas, but maybe a bit less squishy than those from 3shells. The omission of the Chanin dip on the Königswalder Riesen Set is not an issue as I usually work on a close-up mat.

I find taller sides on shells a real help with handling. There is ample space on the sides of the Königswalder Riesen Set for your fingers and thumb to grip the shell. Overall these are a great set of shells and a welcome addition to my Collection"

Greg Carlill / Australia

"Got Michael Stehle the Ulitmate Pea this evening. Its awesome to work around with ease. Thank Michael"

Bob Chua / Singapore

"These beautiful shells arrived just before Blackpool and I was injured the next day. Back to my old self and posting this long overdue thank you. The peas are spectacular and the shells are outstanding"

Mark McPhee / UK

"I performed all yesterday afternoon at Old Cowtown's season opening with one of Michael's wonderful peas. Superb handling. I LOVE this pea!"

Roscoe Tarwater Beaumont / USA

"Just received the peas today!! They are absolutly the best I've ever handled! They almost stick to you fingers and they work smooth, very smooth even on wood! I love them, you should love them to and order as soon as possible before they are sold out!"

John Anders / Netherlands

"Michael Stehle does amazing work. He has really outdid his self with this wonderful Bowler three shell game. His moves with these are worth the price by themselves and he sends a cool download video with all the explanations. Thank you Michael for what your doing for the magic community"

Jim Carter / USA

"just got my shells yesteday. Could not be happier with them. The bowler hat shells handle perfectly. The shells in front of them are for comparison. The second pic is of a final load for the hat. It easily fits".

Mike Perlman / USA

"This calls for something Special"

Christoper Haniball / USA

"Gotta love the new bowlers. Thanks Michael Stehle"!

Kenneth Jones / USA


"After a long weekend of 25+ shows, working Michael Stehle’s Black Sea Shells, I have to say I’ve found a firm new favourite!

The handling is fantastic and the pea comes out of the shell much quicker and after a shorter ‘move-distance’ than with the Bratva and Königswalder sets.
This makes the Black Sea shells ideal for smaller tables and working surfaces such as close up pads and busking tables.

The Königswalder remain my go to set for casino tables, snooker tables and large shows due to their visibility and size.

The slighter size of the Black Sea shells is perfect for one handed manoeuvres and they look beautiful too. I think they are the prettiest Stehle set so far. Elegant, realistic and beautifully detailed but perfectly balanced and weighted.

The work Michael has put into the patina and finish of these shells is a real plus and the almost imperceptible chanin dip allows you to work on glass with no ‘bump’.

The fact that these fit under a tell’s bell is the cherry on top!"


Nick Stein / London

"Just a game with three little bowlers. Nothing to it. Just for fun. Oh, you'd like to add a small wager? Well, if you insist..."
Thank you Michael for your friendship, craftsmanship and passion for the old shell game. My miniature haberdashery is now complete.

Mark Zust / USA

Parcel from Michael just arrived with the „Killer“ peas and the Desert Rats. Both are perfect. Performing moves now that I couldn‘t do with „normal“ peas! Thank you very much, Michael!

Heiner Kusenberg / Germany

My first set arrived today, I love them and they feel great in the hands. Time to get busy, thanks Pop Haydn for letting me know about these. Great work Gents.

Trend DT / Canada

Warren Toaze