a beautiful silver shell with a natural chanin dip and a notch. The shells have a great grip and you can work a bigger table for a bigger crowd with bigger peas with standard moves. Great to handle and the shells looks so natural.

the name reminds me on Katharina II  (Catherine The Great) because of its beauty and size

The inside of the shell is really big and can contain a smaller shell, in my case a Jedinat shell, which is very common in Germany, for unique never seen possible effects.

The Set comes with 2 green 10 mm, 2 green 11 mm and 2 green 12 mm peas

made in Germany with passion

Lenght 55, 5 mm

Width 39,5 mm

Hight 24,5mm

105 g per shell


handemade in a limited amount

solid 935 silver

The Katharina Shells solid 935 silver