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This nut, harvested from a walnut tree just beyond the outskirts of Berlin some years ago, held a unique allure.
Over time, I had consistently set it aside while selecting nuts to mold. There was something captivating about its shape. It lacked the regularity and aesthetics typically associated with such nuts, yet it was precisely this irregularity that rendered it truly exceptional.
Playing with it became a source of fascination. Its appeal transcended from every angle, making it impossible for the eye to fixate on a single direction.
Upon returning to Berlin, I presented the initial set, crafted from these molds, amidst the venerable streets of Berlin-Charlottenburg, offering the attention that this remarkable beauty rightly deserves.
These beauties will appear around Thanksgiving in my shop.
My son Finn will once again assist me in bringing this extraordinary set of walnuts to the gaming tables of their enthusiasts around the world, so that their audience can experience the enchantment emanating from this noble nut."

The Set comes with 2 of the cooked peas

The weight is 16g per shell

The Hunchback Shells

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