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In Germany, we have a saying:
"The dumbest farmers harvest the thickest potatoes."
Or do you know this joke? Paul calls out frustrated from the kitchen to the living room: "Dad, do you know where the potato peeler is?" His father answers:
"She‘s out shopping."
I've thought long and hard about how to create a realistically looking set of potatoes... Then I just did it.
They will be available in the shop just in time for Thanksgiving. This set will introduce a whole new level of entertainment value.
In past, present and future.

Play like the street pro´s...


you get a set of 3 little potatos and 2 cooked peas

the weight is 13 g per shell

the lenght is 36 mm and the height is 30 mm

the finish is made with a water based laque

Potato Shells

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